Our Services

ACMC specializes in appraisals of cemeteries and mortuaries, having performed over 1,000 valuations over the years. Our in-depth expertise in the death care business sets us apart from firms that provide valuation services to a wide range of businesses.


Cemeteries and mortuaries are the only businesses we appraise.

There are many reasons why an appraisal/valuation of your cemetery or mortuary becomes necessary.

To name a few:

  • You want to sell your business and wish to know what it is worth.
  • You want to acquire a cemetery or funeral home and need to know if the asking price is fair.
  • You have inherited your family’s cemetery or funeral home, and for estate settlement purposes you need to know the value of the business.
  • You are involved in a divorce proceeding and need a valuation of your business.
  • Your bank requests an appraisal to justify a new loan or refinancing.
  • You wish to convert from a not-for-profit status to a for-profit corporation.
  • A governmental unit plans to condemn a portion of your property to build or widen a roadway and you want to establish the value of the property to be taken.

Brokerage Services

With over $500 million in transactions completed, ACMC has a proven record of success in helping buyers and sellers complete cemetery and mortuary mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Whether you are buying or selling, we can help you find and qualify prospective sellers or buyers, prepare an offering memorandum, and assist in negotiations.

We have extensive contacts within the death care industry.
We know who is buying and who is selling. Our involvement creates a competitive environment ensuring that sellers realize the full market value of their property. And we help buyers locate prime properties that can provide a handsome return on investment.

Consulting Services

ACMC assists clients in various aspects of business management, including:

  • Strategic Business Planning. We can help you assess your current position, define your objectives and formulate a plan to help you achieve them.
  • Capital Management. We can help you define your operating and growth capital needs, structure financing approaches, and help you obtain financing.
  • Financial Management. We can help you identify and implement improvements in inventory control; collections and receivables; purchasing and payables; general accounting and budgeting; and financial and management reporting.
  • Information Systems. We have implemented state-of-the-art cemetery and mortuary management systems and can assist you in planning and implementing information systems to support your business.
  • Marketing Services. We can analyze your position in the marketplace and assist you in crafting a distinctive image that will distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Personnel Recruitment. We can assist you in finding the right people for your business, whether you need management, sales, financial or operations personnel.